J.S.C. Interview - Miss Faichney

The Junior School council celebrated World Theatre Day by running a number of performance based games and a puppet making workshop during Lunch play. The council members organised a number of great activities run by its members and enjoyed celebrating theatre, music, dance and performance in its many shapes and forms. The Junior School Council Journalists also arranged an interview with the school Performing Arts Teacher, Miss Faichney, to ask her some questions about theatre, performing and music.

Enjoy the read below!


The Interview:

Interview with our Performing Arts Teacher: Miss Faichney

Interviewers: Soomin, Erica and Elisha 


Why did you want to become a Performing Arts Teacher?

Performing Arts is important because there are lots of ways to express yourself like dance, music and drama.

Why do you like music?

You can sing and dance to it. You can play instruments. It can feel relaxing.

How many performances have you helped with?

I have worked on 9 performances and 5 with the school.

Why do people perform?

People perform to have fun and make new friends and learn new things.


When did you start working in Theatre?

2 or 3 years ago but I have been playing music and dancing since I was 6.


How can people get better at music?

Lots and lots of practice!


Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, and a Happy World Theatre Day to everyone at WPS!