Think it, Build it, Shed 4 Kids

Wantirna Primary School is unique amongst schools in our area, in that we provide a ‘Shed 4 Kids’ in our playground. This project was the result of a partnership with Knox Council Student Focused Youth Services.  The grant enabled us to design three lunchtime programs; ‘Kids In The Kitchen’, ‘Game On’ and ‘Think it, Build it, Shed 4 kids.’


The premise is based on Playpods from the UK. Our shed is filled with clean recyclable materials which the students use for imaginative play during lunchtimes. Children are invited to come to the ‘Shed 4 kids’ where they design, collaborate, build, adapt and role play individually or with others.  At the end of lunchtime, the constructions are dismantled and the materials returned to the shed for the next time.




The project facilitates the following behaviours:

  • An increase in creative play.
  • Children engaging in more physical activity.
  • Learning taking place through open ended play
  • Equity – loose parts play enables all children to join in.
  • Reduction in playground incidents and children’s complaints: less boredom leads to less disagreements
  • Social inclusion: small or large mixed-age and mixed gender groups form around the Shed 4 Kids
  • Risk: the project encourages children to assess and manage risk for themselves.



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