Ms Sue Fergeus

artwork by Veronica R

I have been appointed as Principal of Wantirna Primary School, in what I consider to be the high point of a 30 year teaching career.  My experience has taken me from the Western suburbs of Melbourne to the South-East, where I have taught from F-6 as well as a specialist teacher during this time. As well as contributing the knowledge and skills I have acquired from my time in teaching, I feel fortunate to be leading team of dedicated, caring and enthusiastic educators at Wantirna Primary School. I am proud of how our staff and parents are committed to developing the academic, social and emotional needs of each and every student.  Every day, I observe teachers and students abiding by our CARE values (Compassion, Achievement, Respect and Engagement) as they participate in their journey of learning. The sense of being connected to a real community is evident in the strong relationships which are formed between Wantirna families and is what makes our school unique and able to cater for all students. I look forward to continuing to support our students to engage with the curriculum, explore new ideas and experiences and excel academically, in the sporting arena and in all forms of the arts.


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