The Arts

Art at Wantirna Primary School, is celebrated and valued as a form of communication, self expression and beautification of our school. We have a strong Arts Program that runs across the whole school, which includes Visual Arts, Performing Arts, incorporating both Music and Drama in weekly lessons. At WPS, we also offer extra curricular opportunities to learn individual instruments and participate in singing groups.



The Visual Arts program at Wantirna Primary School nurtures and extends students creativity, interest and skills. It engages and challenges students to explore and develop ideas with confidence and enjoyment. 


The open nature of the program specifically caters for individual needs, and nurtures students of all ability levels. In addition to this, gifted students are given additional tuition through our Gifted and Talented program.


The program in the Junior School focuses on exploring materials, learning skills and expressing their students’ experiences and ideas through open ended activities.


In the Middle School students focus on developing technical skills and refinement of their own work. They explore concepts through looking at different art styles, cultures and historical perspectives. Students reflect how these concepts influence their own ideas and art work. Individual ideas and creative interpretations of activities are encouraged.

Activities are based on the art areas of drawing, painting, construction, puppetry, textiles, modelling and printing. Topics are interest based and also link into classroom themes. Language enrichmen
t activities are provided by linking the art programs focus on language within the classroom writing activities.


The Senior School focus is on developing individual style and design capabilities. Students are encouraged to plan, develop, refine and evaluate their own ideas and work. They develop their awareness of influences on their work from different cultures and times. The joining of different skills in new ways is encouraged as is the confidence to try new ideas in a supportive environment. Students also develop their ability to articulate their ideas and explain their own and others work.


The Visual Arts program at Wantirna Primary School is one which engages and challenges students to explore and develop ideas and skills with confidence and enjoyment. The open nature of the program specifically caters for individual needs and nurtures students of all ability levels.






The Performing Arts program is a weekly 45 minute session which focuses on developing an understanding of performance-based art. In the first half of the year, students learn the foundations of music, including understanding about rhythm, beat, dynamics, melody and harmony. Students learn through a variety of hands-on activities, including creating their own music pieces. Students also learn about the orchestra and how various instruments influence music.


Students also get many opportunities to showcase their learning through performances both in class and for the wider school community.


In the second half of the year, students develop their understanding of drama, through learning about stage direction, impromptu and scripted performances and how movement creates stories.


Again students are offered many opportunities to demonstrate their understanding through performances both to their peers within class and to our wider community during assemblies and open days and culminates in our annual Whole School production in Term 3.