P.E. & Sport

At Wantirna, we offer Physical Education and Sport across the whole school from prep to grade six. Each grade has weekly lessons with the physical education teacher, as well as extra sports sessions during the week with their class.


During the Early Years, the focus is on developing the fundamental motor skills that prepare students for involvement in games and sports. 






In the Middle Years there is a continued focus on fundamental skill development with the application of these skills in modified and small games.






For the senior students, whole games and sports take on increasing significance, while still developing fundamental skills. All senior students take part in the interschool sports program and have the opportunity to compete against other schools in the local area in both a summer and winter season.


Teamwork is an essential skill that remains a focus right across the physical education curriculum. It is an important social skill that is important for students in life outside the school as well as in games and activities at school. This includes working with a range of other students and displaying sportsmanship when winning and losing.




Throughout the year we also provide many opportunities for our students to participate in specialist sports including:

  • Kingswim - Wantirna Swimming Program   
  • Cross Country 
  • Athletics
  • Hockey
  • Rugby
  • AFL Football