This year Wantirna Primary School has introduced the study of Mandrin from Foundation to Year 6. We welcome Mr Eric Zhang to the school community.

The Chinese Mandarin program at Wantirna Primary School develops students’ multilingual ability and cultivates their international vision through the learning of Mandarin language and the exploration of Chinese culture. Students are not only engaged in the practice of Mandarin but also encouraged to find the joy in language acquisition.


The program helps students to acquire spoken and written Mandarin through the discussion of a variety of topics. The topics include the vocabulary of self-introduction, family members, colours, numbers, animals, school life, sports and the arts. The program also provides students with plentiful opportunities to practice the language. Students are not only expected to understand the meaning of the language but are also encouraged to use it in real life as a tool for communication and a way for obtaining information.


Students are introduced to various ways of learning Mandarin; including games, writing, painting, group work, watching videos and singing. They are encouraged to explore different mediums so as to enjoy the process of learning Mandarin. Students are also given the chance to become involved in Chinese culture through participating in cultural events and working on Chinese arts. They are encouraged to compare Chinese culture with Australian culture, finding the interesting parts of both cultures and looking at diversities in a respectful and inclusive way.