Wantirna PS Newsletter

Term One, Week Seven


From our Principal

COVID Safe Reminder

We are so grateful that the term has been able to proceed smoothly with only a very short interruption from the circuit-breaker lockdown. However, Department of Education is prompting Principals to remind their school communities that students must stay home when they are unwell. This is important in ensuring we can maintain a covid-safe school environment and play our part in reducing community transmission.

Arrive at school by 8:55am every day
Thank you to the families that are ensuring to have their children arrive at school by 8:55am each morning. 
Arriving at school on time allows students to connect with peers and adults and consequently settle into their learning.
Please be aware that we have teachers on duty from 8:45am every morning and we encourage students to arrive from this time. Students arriving before this time must be supervised in the yard by an adult.  Playing with friends and getting exercise for 20 minutes before school time is a scientifically proven way to increase blood flow to the brain and concentration. It is also a lot of fun!
Thank you for your support with this extremely important matter.

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Parent-Teacher interviews will be conducted in the second last week of Term One.  Dates and appointment times were published on COMPASS in February.  Thank you to everyone who was quick to sign up for a time. If you are yet to do so, please log on to COMPASS and make a booking.  

2022 Enrolments

Enrolments are now open for 2022 and it would be great to start receiving your enrolment forms for students beginning in Foundation (or at other levels next year). The sooner we receive enrolments, the sooner we can begin planning for next year. Please find the enrolment form on our website.  It can be sent to the school via post (Wantirna Primary School, 120 Mountain Hwy Wantirna, 3152) or by email to wantirna.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au

Student Wellbeing

As we return to school and the playground, it can be challenging for some children to reconnect and find something to do during the play breaks. Your child might even come home and saying something like “I had no one to play with today,” or “Lunchtime is boring because there is nothing to do.” 

Our brains are wired to always look for the negative first. This is called the negativity bias. When something happens during the day and it is not so great, our brains will focus on that one thing despite many good things having happened. Often times in the playground, children will have played happily with others for most of the time outside however their brains will remember the few minutes when they were trying to find their friend rather than the fun they have had. Hence the relaying after school of “I had no one to play with.”

It's important to remember that the way we frame our questions at the end of the day can also trigger a negative memory rather than the many positive things that have happened. 

Perhaps have a go at asking “Tell me something good that happened today?” or “Tell me about the people you are playing with at school?” Rather than asking “How was your day?” which opens the door to thinking about the few minutes when something negative may have occurred.

Don’t forget to model positive talk by including your own stories. What about at the dinner table or in the car? “Let’s all share one thing that made us smile today” or “Here’s my top 3 things about today, what are yours?” Children not only love to hear about your day but it helps them place their own experiences in perspective.

Researchers have shown that it takes many positive thoughts/ experiences to counteract just one negative thought. Helping our children to find the positive in a situation is a powerful tool in strengthening their mental health.

Upcoming Dates

From the Office - Have you?

-     Organised payment for the upcoming Bollywood Dancing Workshop?

-     Are you a family with a Year Three student?  Have you organised payment and returned the permission form for the upcoming sleepover?

-     Organised payment/payment plan for your child's school fees and book pack?

-   Have you considered helping out at the Bunnings BBQ?  Fill in the form available on COMPASS.

Join a School Council Sub-committee

Whilst our school's governing body, the Wantirna Primary School - School Council, meets eight times per year, twice per term, this year we are hoping to revitalise our school council subcommittees.  These subcommittees will also meet eight times per year, around once per month during school terms, at least a week prior to each school council meeting.  

The role of these sub-committees will be doing 'the work' and completing the actions decided upon at school council meetings.  

In 2022 our subcommittees will be:
- Buildings and Grounds
- Finance
- Promotions and Marketing
- Wantirna Farmers and Makers Market

If you have any particular skills or interest in any of these above areas and are able to commit to eight meetings per year (time/day will be decided by the group) we would love to have you on board.  Just email laura.caddy@education.vic.gov.au to express your interest.

Please note to allow time for the sub-committee meetings to take place our next school council meeting will be held on Tuesday 30th March at 7:00pm.

Yr 6 Leadership Event - Ride2School Day

Ride, walk, scoot or skate to school on Friday 19th March to go into the draw to win a prize in our raffle!

Harmony Day and National Day of Action Against Bullying

On Thursday March 18th, we will have a very special day at school as we celebrate Harmony Day.  Students will be placed into multi-aged groups and will then rotate around a series of activities designed to help them appreciate the culture of some of our neighbouring countries.  In the afternoon students will take part in an Indian Dance Workshop.  Students are welcome to wear the colours of one of their favourite countries on the day, or dress up in some national dress!

Harmony Day is about celebrating differences and embracing new cultures. To bring equality between different cultures and religious groups, late March has been selected to mark this day as it coincides with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination since 1999.

On Friday March 19th we will have a brief school meeting from 9:10am, led by our Year 6 leaders, to recognise the National Day of Action Against Bullying. 

The National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence (NDA) is Australia's largest anti-bullying event for schools. It is an opportunity for schools to highlight their everyday work to counter bullying and violence. The theme for NDA 2021 is “get involved”.

We are all looking forward to celebrating these important events next week!

Weekly Awards - Term One, Week Seven

Wow! - Our new sign

Thank you to parents Adam and Matt who did a terrific job late last week and over the weekend to put together our new school sign at the front of our school building.

The end result is AMAZING!  

Thumbs up also to Trish who sourced the paint from Haymes in Ringwood and had the vision for the task.