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Term One, Week Five


Upcoming Dates

Our Principal's Report - 26th February

Home – School Partnership

Later this term, in the final week of March we will welcome parents into our classrooms for Parent Teacher Interviews.  Whilst this will be an opportunity for parents to share information with their child’s teacher, our teaching staff will also be sharing with you the results of your child’s assessments and progress towards their individual goals.  Your participation in the evening is crucial to the development of the Home-School relationship, we believe is paramount to each child’s success. 

  • As was the case last year, our newsletter is fortnightly however a smaller newsletter will be produced in the off weeks, with Assembly awards and other important reminders.
  • We send out other alerts via COMPASS, including permission forms for excursions.
  • Class teachers are accessible and available at their classroom doors between 8:50 – 9:00am each morning as your first port-of-call (keeping in mind some staff have scheduled yard duty before or after school).
  • Email is a good option. Please give staff sufficient time to respond to emails or to take action as requested, as during school hours we concentrate our efforts on the children.
  • You can also contact us via COMPASS as well.
  • We also have our school sign out the front that will have upcoming events.
  • I am available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (Thursday I teach PE in the mornings) should you ever need a chat. Our number one priority is the engagement, wellbeing and care of all students at WPS and we are always happy to hear feedback on the improvements we are making and what we can do to better assist our students.

Labour Day Public Holiday

Please be reminded that we have an upcoming extra-long weekend for students across the state. Monday 8th March is the Labour Day Public Holiday and the school will be closed.

Our Foundation students move to full time!

Our Prep students will be attending school fulltime as of the week beginning Monday March 1st . Thank you to all of our Foundation parents for your support throughout the first four ‘Foundation–free Wednesday’ weeks. This has enabled the teachers to perform some valuable testing and assess each child’s entry level.

Teacher Professional Practice Days

In the Education State, we achieve excellence by consistently focusing on improving the achievements of learners across Victoria, whether it is through improving the quality of educational services or changing the way we teach. The most important thing we can do to improve student outcomes is to develop and improve the skills of our teachers.

The Victorian Government will continue to provide opportunities to develop professional, passionate teachers and Principals and equip them with the right knowledge and skills for a modern classroom. To ensure we support the learning and development of not only our students, but our teachers too; we are committed to providing professional development opportunities for our teaching workforce.

What are the professional practice days?

As part of the Victorian Government Schools Agreement 2017, teachers will receive one day per term when they are out of the classroom to focus on the improved delivery of high quality teaching and learning. On these days, an alternate teacher will be provided with the learning plan for the day and be well equipped to assist your child with their learning needs.

What this means for your child:

Your child’s teacher will spend four days per year further developing their skills in areas that are aligned to the school priorities. Your child will directly benefit from these improvements in their daily learning.

School Photos

School photos are scheduled for Thursday 25th March.  Please note this date has been rescheduled due to the three day lockdown last week which impacted bookings. To look our best and show pride in our school, as in all other days, students must wear their full school uniform for school photos.

Asthma Checklist

Approximately 1 in 10 children and adolescents in Australia have asthma and often there are asthma “spikes” which can typically occur at the beginning of a school year. Below is a checklist to ensure that if your child is an asthma sufferer, they are prepared for the school year.

  • My child has had an annual asthma management review with their doctor and has their Asthma Action Plan reviewed
  • My child has up to date ambulance membership
  • My child knows how to recognise early symptoms of asthma and knows when to seek help from staff
  • My child understands the importance of taking reliever medication when necessary and knows how to use their puffer and spacer, either independently or with assistance.
  • An updated Asthma Action Plan has been provided to my child’s school.
  • A reliever puffer and spacer have been provided to the school. With the change in infection control guidelines, spacers can no longer be shared between children.

This week at assembly we:

  • Handed out our student awards.
  • Reported back to the school about District Swimming results.
  • Presented our Year Six leaders and Junior School Councillors with their badges and heard from Hon. Nick Wakeling about the qualities of a good leader.

School Council News

Tuesday 23rd February saw our first School Council meeting of the year being held.  For this first meeting, our School Councillors from last year were in attendance, prior to our new School Council members being inducted at our March meeting.

Items on the agenda this meeting included:

Sensory Garden - Implementation of plan.

Ratifying beginning of year financial policies and signatories. 

Discussing financial implications of uniform shop, OSH and hall hire.

Buildings and Grounds maintainence and OHS compliance.

Wantirna Farmers and Markers Market - February

For next meeting we will welcome Adam Chapman and Jade Brownlie, our new School Councillors to their roles.  Congratulations also to Christina Sandler who will continue on council this year.  In the next meeting we plan to move into our sub-committee structure and clarify processes in place regarding our standing orders, code of conduct and confidentiality statements for our new and continuing members.  

We send sincere thanks to Leisa George who has sat on our School Council for many years.  Your contributions have been highly valued Leisa, and we hope you will stay on in a sub-committee role.

As our March meeting is an OPEN meeting, we welcome anyone who would like to attend to do so.  The meeting will be held on the 23rd March at 7:00pm in the Senior Classroom.

Chaplaincy News

I am sad to announce that Serene, our current School Chaplain will be resigning from her position with us as of the 9th March.  
Serene has been an asset to our school for a couple of years now and worked enthusiastically with our students, families and staff to ensure our wellbeing priorities are fulfiled and everyone is able to access the supports they require.
We wish Serene well as she furthers her career, in her chosen field and explores opportunities a little closer to her home.  

Consequently I would like to annouce Deb Beales will be our new Chaplain, taking on the role in our school in two weeks time.  Deb comes to us having over 18 years experience as a Chaplain at one of our neighbouring schools.  At interview we were impressed by her warm and welcoming manner and wowed by her impressive knowledge of and experience in running a variety of social skills, counselling and family focused programs.  

In our transition from our previous chaplain to our new one, we will assume that families are happy to continue to provide permission for the chaplaincy program, if it is already in place for their child.  If that is not the case or you would like to discuss this further, please just get in touch with me: laura.caddy@education.vic.gov.au

As always parents will be contacted by our Chaplain prior to any one to one or group sessions.  Please note our Chaplaincy Space is open at lunchtimes for children to play with the materials and engage in conversation with our Chaplain.  This practice allows relationship building to take place, but is only conversational in nature.

Leadership Induction Ceremony

Monday afternoon we welcomed the Hon. Nick Wakeling to Wantirna Primary School to present out Year Six leaders and our Junior School Councillors with their leadership badges.

It was a joyous event, in which our leaders were reminded of the priviledge it is to be recognised as a leader.

Nick spoke about remembering to:
1.  Be a listener
2. Amplify the voice of the people you serve.

As principal I spoke with our students about what leadership looks like and what it doesn't.  That the practice of leadership involves practise and that it is our job as principal, teachers and parents to mentor our young leaders and build their capacity. 

We look forward to supporting our leaders throughout the year, providing them with opportunities, refining their skills and giving them a glipse into their future possibilities. 

Best of luck Leaders of 2021!

Photo: Principal Laura Caddy, Hon. Nick Wakeling, with our Year Six Leaders.

Photo:  Our Junior School Councillors: (L to R) Chase, Katie, Harikat, Alexander, Mia, Zech, Mason and Ayden.  

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