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Term Three, Week Nine


From Our Principal


Well it is certainly turning out to be a bit of a different year than what I expected.  After the uncertainity of 2020, I think we were all hoping that 2021 would show promise of some of the normalcy we all craved.  Disappointingly that hasn't really been the case.  This term in particular with the extended lockdown period has been especially challenging for many, myself included.  I think it's important that we acknowledge things have been hard.  Yes we are dealing with it, yes we are grateful for many things, and yes we will push on through together, but yes 2021 has been a bit of a disappointment.  

What 2021 has shown us, is that our school community is stacked full of champions.  Parents who have gone above and beyond, supporting their children with their learning at home, juggling work commitments at the same time, looking after younger siblings and all whilst maintaining a brave and positive face.  Our school staff, teachers and support staff, who have been so adaptable, teaching and learning themselves new ways of doing things, thinking outside the square to ensure the best outcomes for our students and demonstrating care and thought daily in the way they go about their role. Most of all, our students, who have remained dedicated to their learning, swapping from onsite to remote learning, in the click of the fingers and back again, without the blink of an eye.   You are all champions.


As we look forward to the beginning of Term Four, we can not yet predict how events will unfold or when that return to the normality we crave may be possible.  Whilst we have bookings in place for the Footy Roadshow event, a week long dance incursion, a two week swimming program, ultimate frisbee workshops and an orienteering course for our 4/5/6 class, we don't yet know which of these events will be able to go ahead.  We are keen to bring together our school production, our transition program for our students beginning 2022, the ceremony for our graduating Year Six students and our end of year Christmas celebration.  These events will occur, it is just the format which is dependent on the restrictions in place at that time. In addition end of year assessments and reporting will need to be prioritised, ensuring that we are well placed to start the 2022 year with a bang.

In summary, we are so grateful that even though this continues to be a challenging time, we are united in ensuring the very best for our students.  Thank you for each your contributions.  Let's wait and see what occurs in the next three weeks, and then begin Term Four hopefully with a better idea of what will happen next.    


Next week, Wacky Wednesday morphs into Wacky Thursday as students have the opportunity to dress in their favourite footy team's colours and join a special Webex session from 2:00 - 2:30pm with AFL Victoria.  During the session there will be fun games and energizers that students can follow along with inside or outside.  Keep a look out for the link to join the session on Compass and on Seesaw.


Last week we received our school's NAPLAN results.  You may remember that students in Year Three and Five sat the NAPLAN testing in May this year.  The tests are conducted for Reading, Writing, Numeracy, Spelling and Grammar and Punctuation.  In discussing the results we quite often look at the percentage of students in the top two bands (with the highest outcomes) as an indicator of success at Year Three, whilst at Year Five it is important to consider the level of growth that has occured between Year Three and Year Five.  In summary we are pleased to share:

At Year Three:
- In Reading 78% of students were placed in the Top Two bands, as compared to 61% of students at similar schools.
- In Writing 50% of students were placed in the top two bands and 50% in the middle two bands.
- In Spelling 67% of students were placed in the top two bands, as compared to 52% of students at similar schools.
- In Mathematics 44% of student were placed in the top two bands, as compared to 42% of students at similar schools.
- In Spelling, 67% of students were placed in the top two bands, as compared to 61% of students at similar schools.

At Year Five:
- In Reading 100% of students demonstrated average or high growth in results since sitting the test in Year Three.
- In Writing 86% of students demonstrated average or high growth in results since sitting the test in Year Three.
- In Numeracy 85% of students demonstrated average or high growth in results since sitting the test in Year Three.  
- In Grammar and Punctuation 43% of students demonstrated high growth in results since sitting the test in Year Three.

As a result and in our quest for continuous improvement, we will be looking at our spelling, grammar and punctuation programs to consider how we can improve our teaching and hence impact our students learnng in these areas.  Congratulations to our students on these excellent results and to our teachers for their continued focus on ensuring each child is supported in achieving their personal best.  


This term we were very fortunate to recieve funding through the Sporting Schools grant for a six week Athletics Program, run by a qualified athletics coach.  Due to the lockdown, the last couple of sessions of this program have been run through the provision of powerpoint and video demonstrations.

I am pleased to announce that we have again been successful in our application for the Sporting Schools grant for Term Four.  As a result I have signed our students up for a series of Ultimate Frisbee coaching sessions (F-6) and a series of orienteering sessions (4-6) that will hopefully go some way to replacing some of the activities we would have undertaken on our senior school camp.  

We will wait to see the format of these sessions, which will be dependent on the restrictions in place at that time.  


Families of students who are currently attending school for onsite learning, please note that on Friday, due to the end of term there will be a 2:30pm finish. 

Once again our assembly on Monday will be held via Webex from 3:00 - 3:30pm.  Please find the link here:

Student Awards - Term Three, Week Nine

Enrolments for 2022

Wantirna Primary School is accepting enrolments for 2022.

Acceptance letters for children whose families have met the preferred timeline have already been distributed.  If you intend to send your child to Wantirna Primary School for Foundation in 2022, it is important that you get in touch with us now.  

Webex/Zoom tours can be organised by calling our office - Mon - Fri 8:00am - 4:00pm.

Click here to download our enrolment form from our website.  Completed forms can be emailed to wantirna.ps@education.vic.gov.au

Contact the school for more information
Phone: 9801 1938

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