"I chose Wantirna Primary School as the primary school for my son Charlie because I went to this school 28 years ago and wanted him to have the great primary school experiences, as I did.


The support, friendliness and community spirit is extremely overwhelming and is very important to me and my family, not to mention the teachers are exceptionally caring and compassionate; nothing is ever too much.


It is very rare to find a school where every student knows each other by name, therefore looking out for one another like family. I would highly recommend Wantirna Primary School to anyone looking for an amazing school that recognises every child learns at different levels in a fun and educational environment."


- Desley, parent

"Andrew and I are so happy with the choice we made for Ethan's schooling. He has been amazing this last year and has grown so much. News like this is great for our school community. I look forward to Ayden starting in 2018.
If you're in the area and looking for a primary school for your children I highly recommend you take a tour of our school."


- Emma, parent

"We were thorough in our research to find the right school for our daughter. We started touring schools 18 months before she was due to start. We tried not to have a preference when we did the tours, and wanted to see how our daughter would respond to each environment.

When we toured Wantirna Primary we were impressed by the facilities, the teaching staff, the Principal, and most of all the interactions with the students.  While walking the grounds with the Principal, Sue Fergeus, the students were in a PE class on the basketball courts and a ball came towards us, when my husband picked it up and threw it back, the young student confidently said “thanks Sir” it was genuine, unprompted and honest.  It truly reflected the values Sue had just been explaining to us.  We were so impressed with Sue’s knowledge of and connection with each and every student, you don’t get that at a larger school. Sue was quick to point out her staffs achievements and whole school approach to education… it really does take a village to raise a child.

We could see the happiness in the spirit of the students, we were really encouraged by the genuine community feel the school has, it really reminded us of our own Primary experiences where you feel like you know the whole school community.  We viewed each class level and the engagement at all class levels was impressive.

Most importantly our daughter loved the environment, she asked us to take her back to Wantirna Primary so often after the tour it really was her excitement that helped us with our decision. For a smaller school the quality of their facilities are outstanding, 3 fantastic modern playground areas, a great library facility, the Junior Learning unit is bright and functional with new equipment and the School has undergone great building improvements in the past year.  There are some great initiatives and we were really impressed that the assemblies were totally run by the students, building their public speaking and leadership skills.

We did tour the other schools in the area, some of which have great academic “reputations”, although impressed with some facilities, the feel of those schools weren’t the true “community spirit” we wanted to instil in our daughter.

We weighed up our options for Charlotte, and like all parents we only want to give her the best education and start to her schooling years possible. The choices in the area are great but we couldn’t go past the culture that has been created at Wantirna Primary, they really do live their CARE values.

Charlotte was confident throughout the transition days, the teaching staff all engaged with the transition kids so well that by the time the term started the “Foundies” were already confident and got off to a great start. We have been blown away by how fast she has developed in this first year at Wantirna Primary, academically we couldn’t be happier and she absolutely loves school and loves the teachers. She is already talking about how excited she is to be in grade one next year and have a new group of “Foundies” so she can help them learn!

This year as a family we have really enjoyed being involved in the school community, from the inquiry learning expos, volunteering at the Bunnings Sausage sizzle, to baking for the cake stall, enjoying the twilight sports night and forming great new friendship with parents of kids from all year levels.

We firmly believe you will be happy enrolling your child at Wantirna Primary and look forward to meeting you in our school community."


- Trish and Lyndon, parents