Junior School Council

The Junior School Council (J.S.C.) is a group of student representatives from each class, who plan and host events for both the school and wider communities.


Each meeting is run by the students, who organise the agenda, the role is taken by the elected Secretary, Elisha, then the discussion is lead by the elected Chair Captains, Tahlia and Erica, and the minutes are taken by the elected Minute-taker, Luke.  

The J.S.C. representatives meet every two weeks at lunchtime, on Thursdays. They discuss ideas and plan many events in the school, for example, the Easter Bonnet parade. The students organised the judges, the categories, the prizes and hosted the event on the day, with great success. 


As part of their responsibilities, the J.S.C. representatives also read the Oath at each assembly on Friday mornings.

Another responsibility is to highlight the roles of various members of our school community.

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Miss Faichney (Performing Arts teacher)

Ms Fergeus (Principal)